Versão 1.2.0

Versão 1.2.0 - Sprites

  1. Sprites base dos clientes posicionados corretamente.
  2. Bug onde a felicidade dos clientes caia muito rápido corrigido.
  3. Correção de erro ao perder ou ganhar.
  4. Tela de game over com texto e opção de voltar ao menu. (MAIS PARA SER ADICIONADO)
  5. Vencer ainda te leva para a tela de início. (PARA SER ATUALIZADO)
  6. Felicidade dos clientes aumentada. (SUJEITO A MUDANÇAS)
  7. Dinheiro médio dado pelos clientes aumentado. (SUJEITO A MUDANÇAS)
  8. Otimização simples aplicada no funcionamento do jogo.


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May 06, 2017

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Really charming game. I absolutely love the art style, and the character designs are really cute.


Oh, thank you, seriously. We made it to college, but it won't stop us, we will continue working on it. Will take some time, but i think it will be worth it. Me and my friend(she is making all the art) are really happy receiving your feedback!

Sorry for my english, i'm brazilian and even if i'm really good speaking, reading and listening to english, my writting is pretty, uh... being euphemistic... "bad"...


Oh, and sorry for the "only portuguese" cutscene at the start. I'm working on making an english version.

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No need to appologise, I think it is good for native English speakers to find things that are not available in English occasionally. We need to be reminded not everything has to cater to us. Anyway, I think I understood the basics of what was going on in the cutscene based on words I did understand.

That is good to hear! Thank you very much! By the way you can always come back to check new builds! At least once a week we will do something!